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Take your container logistics to the next level!

Cranes and heavy forklifts are a standard solutions to deal with container logistics. Our devices offers different approach. Container lifting jacks are a perfect solution whenever other options are uneconomical or simply not practical.

Managing container logistics.

In case of container logistics, most companies relay on third party contractors. It is rarely the most convenient option not to mention the economy of such a solution.


Disadvanges of container crane.

As mentioned above, cranes are the most common way to deal with sea containers. This approach comes with significant disadvantages:

  • Often not possible to use inside of the production halls and warehouses.
  • High crane rental rates might be a serious problem.
  • Cranes are not always available.
  • May be impossible to use in areas with limited space.

We have a solution to crane problem.

Our container lifting jacks comes as a solution of many issues with container logistics. This portable devices are easy to use and storage. Helps you improve your workflow and save money. High build quality ensures years of safe and reliable operation.


Be independent with Container Lifting Jacks.

Your own set of jacks gives you new possibilities to plan your work. Now you can be more efficient and save money at the same time. You can rent out your lifting jacks and make it even more profitable.

Check out how it works.

See for yourself how easy it is to use lifting jacks. Two operators can easily unload the container in less than half an hour.

Container Lifting Jacks information.


Up to 32000 kg

This units are not only designed to handle empty containers. The entire set up is meant to safely lift the cargo up to 32t.


Lift up to 1,4 height

Lifting range is designed to make the unloading as fast and safe as possible. It allows you to lift the container high above the trailer floor and safely drive out.


100% safety

Safety is an absolute priority of our every design. High build quality along with additional straps that link together all four units, minimizes the risk during operation.


Electrical or gasoline

There are two options available to run the entire set up. We offer electric engine, perfect for all kind of indoor applications, or gasoline version that can be used without external power.


2 years guarantee

Every set of Container Lifting Jacks comes with two years limited warranty. We offer technical support during the lifetime of the product.


Remote controlled

In order to further expand the functionality of the jacks, we offer optional remote controller. It makes operation much more convenient.

Let’s talk about Container Lifting Jacks.


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